Robbie O'Brien's Tips DeJour

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Robbie O'Brien's Tips DeJour

Post by Kim » Sun Mar 13, 2011 10:56 am

We lost these links in the great hack and trash event of 2010. To allow quick easy accesses for our members to this wonderful resource, the Robbie O'Brien 'Tips DeJour' series of Youtube videos have once again been compiled below....all 59 of em at the time of making this post.......... Enjoy! :D

Thickness Sanding:

The 8 Day Guitar:

Using a Scraper:

Side Bending by Hand:

Using the Safe-T-Planer:

Drilling Tuner Holes:

Drill Press Router:

Pore Filling with Dry Wall (Gyprock) Compound:

Top Thicknessing:

Top Bracing:

Notching Classical Fan Braces:

End Grafts:

Vacuum Fixtures:

Glues Part 1:

Glues Part 2:

Red Rocks Community College School Of Fine Woodworking and Lutherie:

Cutting Binding Channels:

Bending Bindings:

Installing Bindings:

The Spanish Heel:

Neck Carving:

Steel String Back Braces:

Truss Rods:

Neck Blanks:


Buffing High Gloss Finishes:

Bolt on Mortise and Tenon Neck Joint:

Go Bar Decks:

Classical Bridge Making:

The 10 day Guitar:

The 6 day Guitar:

Murphy's Law:

The Tornavoz Part I:

The Tornavoz Part 2:

Kerfing Jig:

The Sunburst Finish:

The Shooting Board:

Closing the Box:

Steel String Bridge Making:

Manual Fret Slotting:

In the Shop with Robert O'Brien at Red Rocks Community College:

Making Forms:

Heel and End Blocks:

O'Brien Guitars 2010 private guitar building class promo:

Plate Joining:

Acoustic Guitar Set Up:


Nut and Saddle Making:

The V Joint:

Spray Guns:

Double Top Part 1:

Double Top Part 2:

Robert O'Brien Fine Classical Guitars:


The LMI Side Bender:



Les Paul Peghead Repair:

LMI String Height Gauge:

Whew! That sure is a LOT of videos Robbie. :shock:

A huge thanks to Robbie for making these really helpful tutorials so freely available to the guitar building community. :cl :cl :cl

Must also plug Robbie's sponsor LMI, not just for helping Robbie keep the lights on at Red Rocks Community College where all these great vids are made, but also because they sell some really cool lutherie supplies and give great service to the stringed instrument making community. ONYA LMI 8)

More videos will be added as they come.

Cheers all



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