Safety first with Featherboards

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Safety first with Featherboards

Post by WJ Guitars » Tue Oct 25, 2022 11:08 am

Recently, I purchased a 'Featherboard' kit from 'Carbatec' costing $84.00 and have been using's them on my router table when shaping back braces, plus on the bandsaw as supporting control guides. This has proven to be a great assistance and increased safety when using the router table and the bandsaw.

The 'Featherboard' kit includes spacers for stacking them together for taller sized timber. The teeth guides come in either a hard or medium type foam and can be replaced. The teeth work well to stop timber flying back from the router table.


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Re: Safety first with Featherboards

Post by joel » Sat Oct 29, 2022 6:13 pm


Must investigate some of these for myself.
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